‘Lisa Ballantyne has written a first novel that is both moving and suspenseful; richly detailed, yet with the eerie simplicity of a parable’ – Joyce Carol Oates

‘[a] moving, insightful debut . . . It’s easy to see why this caused such a stir at Frankfurt last year. If it isn’t this year’s Before I Go To Sleep, I’ll eat my laptop’ – The Guardian

‘It’s one of the best debuts I’ve ever encountered’ – Shari Low, The Daily Record

‘An absorbing psychological debut’ – Company (Top Pick)

‘This is an outstanding work of fiction, and the real crime would have been if the talent of Lisa Ballantyne had never been discovered’ – Daily Record

‘Thought provoking, brave and challenging, this book is an unsettling and compulsive read’ – Rosamund Lupton, bestselling author of Sister and Afterwards

THE GUILTY ONE is already an international phenomenon, selling in hotly contested auction to publishers from over 20 countries.

‘A truly astonishing debut. Wonderfully written…a page turning psychological thriller’
Chiara Libonat, Neri Pozza

‘Wow, what a powerful voice… still trying to catch my breath’
Vitor Goncalves, Porto Editora

‘ . . . Lisa Ballantyne keeps the ambiguity of the main characters throughout. . . This doubt has an interesting effect on the reader . . . whose beliefs are questioned as the novel progresses, and might be shattered at any moment.’
Pablo Álvarez, Suma de Letras

‘We are all in love with this amazing debut that succeeds in combining gripping thriller quality, fast-paced narrative and raw emotion.’

‘Terrifying and positively disturbing, a dark story about a damaged child who could be a relative of Kevin in Lionel Shriver’s masterpiece We need to Talk About Kevin.’
Francoise Triffaux, Publisher

United States
‘I fell instantly in love with Lisa’s precisely-crafted, psychological journey. Her gorgeous, lush writing and careful attention to . . . her characters and their relationships make this something truly special.’
Amanda Bergeron, William Morrow

‘We all fell in love with this gripping and deeply moving story, that combines the best elements of Maggie O’Farrell and Lionel Shriver. We believe that this upmarket women’s fiction novel with a criminal slant will be a huge success!’
Jacqueline Smit, Publisher

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